Recall Governor Pritzker

Illinois governor JB Pritzker

There is currently an effort to recall Illinois Governor JB Pritzker under Section 7, Article 3 of the Illinois constitution.

The steps are as follows:

  • 20 members of the Illinois House and 10 members of the Illinois Senate must sign an affidavit containing a notice of intent to seek a recall.
  • Of these 30, half of these members must be Democrats and the other half Republicans.
  • The recall petition must be submitted to the Illinois Board of Elections; once completed, signatures must be collected from registered voters.
  • The number of signatures required is at least 15% of those who voted for Governor in 2018, or 682,149
  • Of those 682,149, there must be at least 100 signatures from each of 25 different counties, and must be done within 150 days of the affidavit submitting

Pritzker is a member of the Democratic Party, and the recall will require at least 5 Democratic Senators and 10 Democratic Representatives the sign the recall affidavit.

A recall petition was created by IL House Rep Allen Skillicorn, a Republican.

Recall Illinois Governor Prizker has set a goal of 750,000 signatures to allow for a number of imperfect signatures that will likely be challenged.

Skillicorn’s petition explicitly cited the failure the state’s antiquated unemployment system to cope with the massive numbers of newly unemployed as a result of Pritzker’s lockdown on businesses.

Others have cited multiple reasons for seeking the recall of the governor, including

  • Pritzker’s unilateral use of emergency powers and executive orders beyond 30 days as defined by state law. The Illinois legislature has not voted on legislation to extend Pritzkers emergency powers beyond 30 days.
  • Arbitrary use of the emergency law, imposing lockdowns on all 102 counties in Illinois, regardless of the number of COVID-19 deaths and infections in each county.
  • Lockdowns which have put 1.2 million Illinoisans out of work and disproportionately devastated small businesses throughout Illinois.
  • Pritzker and / or his family not following Pritzker’s own lockdown orders.
  • Prtizker’s businesses allegedly profiting off of COVID-19 testing.
  • Violations of the freedom of assembly and freedom of speech rights as outlined by the first amendment of the US constitution.
  • Tax increases including a doubling of the gasoline tax, nearly 50% hike in annual vehicle registration fees, new internet sales taxes, and graduated income tax constitutional amendment referendum

Pritzker has defended his actions, claiming he is doing what is necessary to keep Illinoisans safe. His opponents have defined his actions as an unchecked dictatorial power grab.

Regardless of the reason, for those who wish to see this recall process succeed, Illinois residents must convince 15 Democrats to sign Skillicorn’s affidavit.

The Illinois Board of Elections website has a search function to determine who your local legislators are. The Illinois Policy Institute has interactive district maps for the Illinois Senate and Illinois House.

The following are the contact information of 8 Illinois Democratic Senators outside Chicago

DistrictNameDistrict office phoneSpringfield office phoneWebsite
19Michael Hastings(815)464-5431(217)
30Terry Link(847)623-3006(217)
31Melinda Bush(847)548-5631(217)
40Patrick Joyce(708)756-0882(217)
43Pat McGuire(815)207-4445(217)
46David Koehler(309)677-0120(217)
48Andy Manar(217)429-8110(217)
49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant(815)254-4211(217)

Here are 19 Illinois Democratic House Representatives outside Chicago

DistrictNameDistrict office phoneSpringfield office phoneWebsite
17Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz(847)486-8810(217)
18Robyn Gabel(847)424-9898(217)
43Anna Moeller(847)841-7130(217)
45Diane Pappas(224)520-8838(217)
49Karina Villa(630)326-9319(217)
56Michelle Mussman(847)923-9104(217)
58Bob Morgan(847)780-8471(217)
60Rita Mayfield(847)599-2800(217)
61Joyce Mason(847)485-9986(217)
62Sam Yingling(847)231-6262(217)
67Maurice West(815)987-7433(217)
76Lance Yednock(815)324-5055(217)
81Anne Stava-Murray(630)605-0595(217)
83Barbara Hernandez(630)270-1848(217)
84Stephanie Kifowit(630)585-1308(217)
111Monica Bristow(618)465-5900(217)
112Katie Stuart(618)365-6650(217)
113Jay Hoffman(618)345-2176(217)
116Nathan Reitz(618)282-7284(217)