Norridge schools partial closure week of March 16

Norridge schools are taking precautions against COVID-19

Students to attend E-Learning only classes March 16 through the 20th

Norridge School District 80 will be implementing its e-learning program in a statement to parents.

Ridgewood High School District 234 will be following a similar plan, in their statement to parents.

Union Ridge School District 86 is closed from today until March 30th per a statement on their website.

Norridge School District 79 Pennoyer has released a statement saying they will assess the situation and make a decision by the end of the school day.

Update (3/13/20): District 79 will also do e-learning the week of March 16th.

The week of the 23rd is the normal spring break.

The schools are limiting access as a result of the COVID-19 “coronavirus” outbreak.

Update (3/14/20): the Illinois governor has ordered the closure of all schools throughout Illinois through the end of March.

Norridge bans “puppy mill” sales of pets

Sale of “puppy mill” animals are now banned in Norridge

Village allows pet stores to sell animals only from nonprofit rescues and small breeders

The Village of Norridge has passed an ordinance that bans the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits from commercial breeders in pet shops.

Sales from breeders are allowed only if they have a USDA class A license and possess “no more than 5 female dogs or cats capable of reproduction in any 12 month period”.

The ordinance allows the unrestricted sale of pets from humane/rescue organization such as the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, and animal control centers.

2020 Democratic primary endorsements

I am voting for/supporting the following candidates in the Democratic primary

Daniel ‘Danny’ O’Toole – Illinois State Senator 10th Senate District. O’Toole is a Chicago police officer, former US Marine, and fiscal conservative. I am opposed to Robert Martwick for a multitude of reasons.

Get out and VOTE!

Joe Duplechin – Illinois State Representative, 19th District. Duplechin is a Chicago police officer. I am opposed to Lindsey LaPointe as she is a Martwick appointee and stooge of the Chicago 38th Ward. Duplechin is the only one running for this seat talking about lowering property taxes; LaPointe will keep raising them.

Heather Boyle – Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commissioner. Boyle is a Norridge resident, and a sanitary and storm water engineer by trade, making her one of the few actual qualified candidates on technical grounds. I oppose Cameron “Cam” Davis, Kimberly Nelly Dubuclet, and Eira Supulveda.

Donna More – Cook County State’s Attorney. A former federal prosecutor. The feds are the only people doing anything about corruption in Illinois. I oppose Kim Foxx due to her unwillingness to do her job and prosecute criminals.

Richard R Boykin – Clerk of the Circuit Court. As a Cook County commissioner, Boykin supported the REPEAL of the Cook County 5 cent an ounce sugar tax. He paid a price as he was targeted for defeat by “Queen Sugar” Toni Preckwinkle. We should remember when politicians do the right thing. I oppose Michael M. Cabonargi.

John Garrido – Cook County judge for the 10th Subcircuit. Garrido runs a nonprofit, the Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, which provides shelter to lost and abused pets. He is also a Chicago police officer.

Early voting is now open at the Norridge Village hall.

Adam Chudzik, Norridge