District 80 salaries

District 80 salaries for school year 2017-2018

Amato, AndraKdg.$97,056.54PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,407.32 $1,378.20
Anastasiadis TanyaELA$73,909.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,071.68 $1,049.51
Andrzejewski, Dawnresc2$47,629.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$690.62$676.33
Berggren, JenniferKdg$80,397.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,165.76 $1,141.64
Bergner, Deidre4th$67,713.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$981.84$961.52
Biedke, RobertPE$78,775.00PPO ECHsingle paid by district $1,142.24 $1,118.61
Browder, ToddELA$50,229.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$728.32$713.25
Bucaro, ChristopherBand$94,282.92Band $4,978.35 + $2,491.12PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,367.10 $1,338.82
Casey, Kileen1st$4,629.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$67.12$65.73
Cellini, Erin2nd Gr.$92,188.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,336.73 $1,309.07
Chiusolo, BeckyResc7$50,075.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$726.09$711.07
Crepas, IngridArt$80,397.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,165.76 $1,141.64
Dean, JamesWorld Language$59,630.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$864.64$846.75
DeVito, Sara2nd Spec Ed$57,300.00NONENONE$830.85$813.66
Fahey, MegESCE$82,506.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,196.34 $1,171.59
Figliuolo, JudithResc8$98,702.95PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,431.19 $1,401.58
Foley, JenniferSC$46,329.00NONENONE$671.77$657.87
Gapastione, GinoPE$77,153.00HMO Familysingle paid by district $1,118.72 $1,095.57
Geraty, DanielleELA$73,909.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,071.68 $1,049.51
Gralak, KrystinaKdg$51,629.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$748.62$733.13
Greenman, LisaWorld Language$67,713.00HMO- ECHsingle paid by district$981.84$961.52
Groth, JuliePE$63,182.26PPO Singlesingle paid by district$916.14$897.19
Gruszka, JamesMath$64,445.90PPO Singlesingle paid by district$934.47$915.13
Guzik, MichelePrincipal$119,751.00Vacation 20-NONENONE $1,736.39 $1,700.46
Hanson, JillianWorld Language$65,793.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$954.00$934.26
Harczak, Lynn3rd$70,463.05PPO -ESPsingle paid by district $1,021.71 $1,000.58
Heinrich, CharlesArt$69,087.71PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,001.77 $981.05
High, WendyKdg$104,863.49PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,520.52 $1,489.06
Hoban, Eileen2nd$98,702.97PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,431.19 $1,401.58
Hopkins, Erin1st$69,135.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,002.46 $981.72
Hovorka, StevenSC$61,132.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$886.41$868.07
Hurley, PeadarBuildings & Grounds$98,633.50District pays single coverages for health,dental, vision $10,299.96/yrPPO- 500 Famsingle paid by district $1,430.19 $1,400.60
Jablonski, ElizabethSpeech$69,135.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,002.46 $981.72
Jennings, MarleeSpeech$57,300.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$830.85$813.66
Jobe, JohnTechnology Director$126,494.22Mileage reimbursmentPPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,834.17 $1,796.22
Karanikolas, PattyELL$80,397.00NONENONE $1,165.76 $1,141.64
Krawczyk, AllysonK2 SPED$46,329.00NONENONE$671.77$657.87
Kennedy, Brittany4th$70,400.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,020.80 $999.68
Kucbor, Kevin5th/7th Pride$46,329.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$671.77$657.87
Lee, Nicole1st$93,837.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,360.64 $1,332.49
Luebbe, BritneySoc Worker$69,110.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,002.10 $981.36
Lytle, LindseyPre-K$50,229.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$728.32$713.25
Lynch, AmyResc Kdg$48,929.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$709.47$694.79
Marucheau, Molly1st$70,658.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,024.54 $1,003.34
Matocha, AmandaResc 2$50,229.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$728.32$713.25
McAuley, Valerie1st$88,945.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,289.70 $1,263.02
Moeller, Lori3rd$108,602.46PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,574.74 $1,542.15
Morrone, Victoria S.3rd$105,188.69PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,525.24 $1,493.68
Mostyn, MaryELA$93,837.00PPO SingleNONE $1,360.64 $1,332.49
Murphy, JonathanSS$80,397.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,165.76 $1,141.64
Muscarello, DeniseArt$95,459.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,384.16 $1,355.52
Mysel, Sarah3rd$44,487.00JOB SHAREPPO Singlesingle paid by district$645.06$631.72
Nikchevich, Justinne1st$64,152.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$930.20$910.96
Norgard, Alicia5th SPED$46,329.00NONENONE$671.77$657.87
O'Malley, PaulSuperintendent$171,600.00Vacation 20- Family Health Dental Vision Paid by District $28,215/yr, TRS $18,893.20 paid by DistrictMileage Reimbursmentsingle paid by district $2,488.20 $2,436.72
Palmer. StephaniePri-Asst Super$142,000.00Vacation -20PPO Singlesingle paid by district $2,059.00 $2,016.40
Paonessa, FrancescoGr 4 Co teach$57,300.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$830.85$813.66
Percival, Lindsey2nd$61,075.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$885.59$867.27
Peteck, Anna MarieSS$78,775.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,142.24 $1,118.61
Piszczek, CynthiaMath$95,085.23PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,378.74 $1,350.21
Pomponi, JasonSS$88,949.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,289.76 $1,263.08
Provax, Taylor5th SPED$46,329.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$671.77$657.87
Quitno, Kristen2nd$88,945.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,289.70 $1,263.02
Radzik, AprilMusic$90,565.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,313.19 $1,286.02
Rodriguez, Judy2nd$97,056.54PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,407.32 $1,378.20
Roselund, DavidSS$85,260.74PPO Famsingle paid by district $1,236.28 $1,210.70
Ross, Brandy4th$87,326.00NONEsingle paid by district $1,266.23 $1,240.03
Russell, ShannaMath$77,153.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,118.72 $1,095.57
Scarpulla, ChristopherMusic$50,229.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$728.32$713.25
Schott, Whitney4th$64,152.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$930.20$910.96
Schultheis, Trisha3rd$97,056.54PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,407.32 $1,378.20
Shaunnessy, ColleenResc 4$73,909.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,071.68 $1,049.51
Shrake, Wendy4th$103,543.78PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,501.38 $1,470.32
Smith, SuzanneELA$64,152.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$930.20$910.96
Sturgulewski, SusanResc 6$76,599.50PPO Singlesingle paid by district $1,110.69 $1,087.71
Schwartz, RalphSoc Worker$57,300.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$830.85$813.66
Serowik, JustynaELL$61,132.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$886.41$868.07
Trudeau-Matz, SandraResc 3$78,963.00HMO- ESPsingle paid by district $1,144.96 $1,121.27
Tryba, KlaudiaMath/Re$46,329.00NONENONE$671.77$657.87
Tsonis, AngelaELA$67,713.00PPO Singlesingle paid by district$981.84$961.52
Zywiciel, Ellen3rd$41,231.50JOB SHAREPPO Singlesingle paid by district$597.86$585.49
Cost to district for single PPO is $8,777.40 per year per employee
Cost for HMO is $7,311.96 per year per employee
Cost for Dental is $365.04 per year Per Employee
Life Insurance is 0.10 of their salary to the closest 1,000
AD & D is 0.015 of their salary to the closest 1,000
*** every Full time employee in the district (Faculty and Staff) can receive up to $300.00 for out of pockets medical expenses
*** medicare and trs numbers are based on base salary***

District 80 salaries for school year 2016-2017

EmployeeJob title/positionLocationBase salaryOther compensationOther compensation type
Amato, AndraKindergartenLeigh$93,548
Anastasiadis Tanya7th Grade LALeigh$71,238
Andrzejewski, Dawn3rd,4th,5th Grade Special Education$46,242
Arenz, Brian6th Grade Art HistoryGiles and Leigh$51,542
Ban, JenniferPrincipalLeigh$142,000Vacation 20- Single Health Dental Vision Paid by District
Bard, Rebecca2nd Grade Special Education Co-TeacherGiles$48,842
Bazarek, Caileen6th Grade ScienceLeigh$48,842
Berggren, Jennifer4th GradeGiles$77,491
Bergner, Deidre5th GradeGiles$65,741
Biedke, RobertPE/K-8Giles$75,928$16,457.00LNAC Stipend
Bleck, AshleyKindergarten Special Education Co-TeacherGiles$47,542
Blumenfeld, Ellen3rd/4th/5th Special EducationGiles$51,216
Browder, Todd8th Grade ELAGiles$48,842
Bucaro, ChristopherBandGiles and Leigh$90,875$12,517Band
Cellini, Erin2nd GradeGiles$88,856
Cheatham, Tom4th GradeGiles$48,842
Chiusolo, BeckyKindergarten Special Education Co-TeacherLeign$48,616
Crepas, IngridArt K-5Giles$77,491
Czerwiec, Patrick6th Grade PE/Adaptive PE/ESLLeign$48,842
Dean, James7th/8th Grade SpanishGiles$57,475
Deignan, Eileen1st Grade Co-Teacher Special EducationGiles$47,542
Dolce, Ashley2nd Grade Special Education Co-TeacherLeigh$46,242
Eisen, Marissa4th GradeLeigh$51,216
Fahey, MegESCEGiles$79,524
Figliuolo, Judith6th/7th/8th Special EducationGiles$95,135
Fisher, ChristopherK-8 PEGiles$47,542
Fountas, VickiELLGiles$90,603
Gapastione, Gino6th-8th Grade PE/HealthLeigh$74,364
Geraty, Danielle8th Grade ELALeigh$71,238
Gralak, KrystinaKindergartenGiles$50,142
Greenman, Lisa7th/8th Grade SpanishLeigh$65,266
Groth, JulieK-5 PELeigh$61,342
Gruszka, James6th Grade Math/ScienceGiles$62,569
Guzik, MichelePrincipalGiles$119,751Vacation 20- Single Health Dental Vision Paid by District
Hanson, Jillian5th GradeLeigh$63,415
Harczak, Lynn4th GradeLeigh$68,411
Heinrich, CharlesK-5 Art/6th Ind ArtsLeigh$67,075
High, WendyKindergartenLeigh$101,073
Hoban, Eileen2nd GradeGiles$95,135
Hopkins, Erin1st GradeLeigh$58,116
Hovorka, Steven7th/8th Grade ScienceGiles$58,922
Hurley, PeadarBuildings & GroundsGiles and Leigh$98,634District pays single coverages for health,dental, vision
Ingratta, Salvatore6th-8th Grade Special EducationLeigh$48,842
Jablonski, ElizabethSpeech and Language PathologistGiles$66,636
Jobe, JohnTechnology DirectorGiles and Leigh$126,494Mileage reimbursment
Kamien, EmilySocial WorkerGiles$30,532114 days minus 48 days for maternity leave
Karanikolas, PattyESLLeigh$77,491
Kennedy, Brittany5th GradeGiles$67,855
Kopija, EmilieK-2 Pride ClassroomLeigh$47,542
Lake, Kelly3rd GradeGiles$56,716
Lee, Nicole1st GradeGiles$90,445
Luebbe, BritneySocial WorkerLeigh$66,612
Lynch, AmyKindergartenLeigh$47,542
Marucheau, Molly1st GradeLeigh$68,104
Matocha, Amanda2nd GradeLeigh$48,842
McAuley, Valerie2nd GradeLeigh$85,730
Moeller, Lori3rd GradeLeigh$104,677
Morrone, Victoria S.3rd GradeGiles$101,387
Mostyn, Mary6th Grade ELAGiles$90,445
Murphy, Jonathan6th Grade Social Studies/Ind ArtsGiles$77,491
Muscarello, Denise1st GradeGiles$92,009
Mysel, Sarah4th GradeGiles$42,084JOB SHARE
Nikchevich, Justinne1st GradeGiles$61,833
O'Malley, PaulSuperintendentGiles and Leigh$171,600$18,893District pays employee portion of pension contribution, Vacation 20- Family Health Dental Vision Paid by District
Orme-Johnson, RuthSocial WorkerGiles$58,922
Percival, Lindsey3rd GradeGiles$59,516
Peteck, Anna Marie5th GradeLeigh$75,928
Peters, LacySpeech Language PathologistLeigh
Piszczek, Cynthia7/8th Grade MathGiles$92,316
Pomponi, Jason7th/8th Grade Social StudiesLeigh$85,734
Quitno, Kristen2nd GradeGiles$84,170
Radzik, AprilK-5 MusicLeigh$87,272
Rodriguez, Judy2nd GradeLeigh$93,548
Roselund, David7th/8th Grade Social StudiesGiles$82,179
Ross, Brandy6th GradeLeigh$84,170
Rubel, DanielleInstructional CoordinatorLeigh
Russell, Shanna7th/8th Grade MathLeigh$74,364
Ryba, AdrienneK-8 PE and HealthGiles$51,216
Scarpulla, ChristopherK-5l MusicGiles$48,842
Schott, Whitney5th GradeGiles$61,833
Schultheis, TrishaReading SpecialistGiles$93,548
Shaunnessy, Colleen1st Grade Special Education Co-TeacherLeigh$71,238
Shrake, Wendy7th/8th Grade ScienceLeigh$99,801
Smith, Suzanne6th Grade ELALeigh$53,916
Sturgulewski, Susan3rd-8th Grade Special EducationLeigh$74,368
Trudeau-Matz, Sandra3rd GradeLeigh$76,109
Tsipianitis, Michelle4th GradeLeigh$65,266
Tsonis, AngelaLA 7th GradeGiles$65,266
Zywiciel, Ellen4th GradeGiles$37,045JOB SHARE


Data was obtained from District 80 via Freedom of Information.