Martwick, Lapointe vote YES to require tampons in boys’ school bathrooms

Bill headed to governor’s desk would place another unfunded mandate on local school districts

If you were forgetting just how far to the whacko-left Illinois’ legislature has gone under its Democratic supermajority…  here’s a reminder.

Local politicians want tampons in boys’ school bathrooms

During the Spring session of the Illinois legislature that ended May 31st, the Illinois assembly voted to require local schools – at taxpayer expense – to place tampons in bathrooms.

It would also require that tampons be placed in boys’ bathrooms.

Two of your local “representatives”, IL 19th House district Lindsey Lapointe, and 10th district IL senator Robert Martwick, both voted YES.

IL 20th house rep Donald Stephens, voted NO.

Lapointe represents east of Harlem and south of Montrose; Stephens covers north of Montrose and west of Harlem.

Martwick covers all of Norridge.

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