Low turnout in local elections keep incumbents in power

Voter records show over two thirds of registered voters didn’t participate in April’s local election

The numbers have it – most Norridge residents don’t care about their local government bodies.

Turnout for the April 2021 elections was low, at 32%

This isn’t an opinion, it’s fact: only 32% of registered voters cast a ballot in the April 2021 general election.

That means 68% of registered voters didn’t vote. Over 2/3rds.

It’s the lowest voter participation on record for a Village President election.

2019 also saw the lowest turnout for a trustee election, at 18%.

By comparison, official records show over 70% of the electorate came out to vote in the November 2020 US presidential election. Why the difference?

Trump was clearly the draw for that election. Norridge residents came out to vote for him or against him. Trump won all Norridge precincts but one.

By comparison, voter enthusiasm was low for either Benigno or Tannhauser.

Benigno was deemed close to the uber corrupt Illinois Democratic establishment, and Tannhauser had all the charisma of a cardboard box.

Benigno was doing well early on, but his campaign seemed to fall apart mid February.

The fatal blow very likely came when he touted Democratic endorsements from the likes of Illinois US Senator Dick Durbin and IL Secretary of State Jesse White.

The result? Conservative Republicans, independents, and nonpartisan voters who may have been inclined to support Benigno, stayed home. Benigno needed those voters to win.

Benigno was a long time close associate of White, having been his deputy and chief of staff, and wanted his endorsement.

Except, Norridge doesn’t care about Jesse White. Norridge was more interested in what policies would change with Benigno as mayor.

The race reverted to a popularity contest. He who could get his supporters out to the polls, wins.


The results also suggest some conclusions.

Norridge residents are apparently OK with the Chicago 38th Ward deciding who sits on the Norridge Village board or who becomes Village President, or even who is allowed to run for office.

It re-affirmed that the Polish community in Norridge doesn’t care about local government, and won’t participate in local elections.

They didn’t even care about the scandal of the unjustified arrest of a Polish resident replacing his own fence.

This is significant, because Poles make up the majority of the population in Norridge, over 60% by some estimates.

Unfortunately for them, lack of involvement in elections isn’t going to help getting their concerns addressed… if you don’t vote, nobody is going to take you seriously.

Trend not looking good for Norridge “Improvement” Party

On the other hand, the trend of the past 3 elections clearly shows things turning against the Norridge “Improvement” Party

Even with his stumbles, Benigno was able to substantially narrow the gap to 233 votes, down from 555 in 2017.

With IL 10th District senator Robert Martwick likely to have his district “gerrymandered” out of Norridge, Tannhauser’s regime will likely be cut off from Chicago 38th Ward Democratic support. That gap will narrow even more.

Tannhauser seems to have been spooked enough of the shrinking numbers gap, as he sent out a letter this week asking to “work together” with those who voted against him/for the opposition.

Benigno seemed to win the battle of policies and ideas. Someone could take that and run with it.

If enough Norridge voters suddenly decide to base their votes on policies, rather than individual relationships… or, heaven forbid, there’s more than 18% to 32% turnout… NIP, and their parasitic patronage army of friends and relatives – and the waste of taxpayer funds that goes along with them – are toast.

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