Martwick dumps thousands into Frank Avino’s campaign coffers

Frank Avino has an enthusiasm problem. His run for trustee doesn’t seem to be attracting the kind of support he needs to get past the Feb 23rd primary opposite likely rival Danny Donnelly.

Avino’s backbreaking work posing for photo ops, while Donnelly is actually out there with earth moving equipment, just isn’t impressing Norridge’s voters.

So what’s a Robert Martwick stooge like Avino to do if he’s in danger of being “primaried” off the Norridge Improvement Party ticket? Throw money at the problem, of course.

Unfortunately, Avino’s political impotence also appears to extend to campaign funds, as he hasn’t been able to raise much if any any money lately.

His political action committee (PAC), Friends for Frank Avino, was down to $2,072 in the bank as of the fourth quarter 2020.

Strange, since Avino is the Norwood Park Township Democratic Committeeman, and the de jure leader of Mike Madigan’s Democratic Organization’s Norwood Park Township branch.

Donnelly isn’t exactly flush with campaign cash himself, but he has grassroots support… from people who actually live in Norridge.

Avino, by comparison, has to resort to outsiders, including the Chicago 38th ward boss, campaigning for him.

Moneybags Martwick

Cue “Silver Spoon Rob” Martwick to the rescue.

Frank Avino and Robert Martwick

Martwick, a Chicago resident, is the Chicago 38th Ward Democratic Committeeman, and Illinois 10th district state senator.

Campaign finances show a $5,000 payment on Feb 1 from Friends of Robert Martwick to Friends for Frank Avino, Avino’s candidate PAC.

Avino also nominally controls another PAC, the Norwood Park Township Democratic Organization, which reported $13,403.15 in the bank as of December 2020.

But if Avino is supposed to be a member of the “Norridge” Improvement Party, he may not be willing to tap those explicitly Democratic Organization funds directly.

A vote for Avino is a vote for Martwick

Avino has a quandry. On one hand, Martwick’s poor Norridge showing in the November election means Avino can’t really count on Martwick’s supporters, because there isn’t popular support for Martwick in Norridge.

On the other hand, if Avino is unable to raise money to make up for his lack of local grassroots support, he probably has no choice but to take Martwick’s green gold.

Clearly, Avino isn’t very high in the Democratic Machine hierarchy, if he can’t raise money without Martwick.

All the more reason why we don’t need yet another Chicago 38th Ward puppet on the Norridge Village board.

I’m voting in the Feb 23 primary for one and only one person – Danny Donnelly.

Adam Chudzik, Norridge

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