Avino in desperate plea for local Democratic support

Frank Avino “working hard” to stop “Donald Trump” supporters running for office, text message says

It may be bitterly cold in Norridge right now, but career politician Frank Avino is feeling the heat.

Frank Avino is attempting to motivate local Democrats

The less-then-popular Avino may be wiped out in what appears to be a very low turnout primary election.

According to official figures, only 136 ballots have been cast as of Feb 12.

The Norwood Park Township Democrats, of which Frank Avino is the nominal leader, sent a text message informing voters that early voting for the Norridge primary is in “full swing”.

The message further opined as to who Avino’s opponents were.

“Donald Trump is gone from the White House” the message continued, “but his supporters are now running for office here in Norridge”.

“Our local Democratic Committeeperson, Frank Avino, is working hard to stop them”.

The message then implored the reader to support Avino and two other Norridge Improvement Party (NIP) candidates Andrew Ronstadt and Debra Budnik.

Notably, candidate Budnik’s name is misspelled “Budnick”.

Voters also report receiving calls and voice mails from individuals identifying themselves as NIP, asking them to call or text them back that they voted for Avino, Ronstadt, and Budnik.

One of the pro-Avino callers certainly sounded like he had a bit too much vino that night.

Chicago 38th ward Democratic takeover

The text message abandons any pretext of non-partisanship, and firmly establishes Avino as a Democratic candidate for Norridge Village Trustee, along with Ronstadt and… “Budnick”.

Pretty dicey sending this kind of message, as it may alienate those who don’t like partisanship in their local elections, especially if this message got out to the general public… oops – it did.

It certainly will alienate conservatives and Trump supporters in Norridge, of which there are many – in 2020, Trump won eight out of nine precincts in Norridge, and lost the one precinct only by 5 votes.

Anthony Beckman in 2020’s 10th Illinois Senate race decisively trounced Martwick in those same precincts.

With numbers like these, Frank Avino’s days as a politician… may also be numbered.

Donnelly enthusiasm

Danny Donnelly, a candidate in the same primary election, has been running circles around the stodgy Avino.

While Avino and the other “Norridge” Improvement Party members were out campaigning, Donnelly was plowing snow.

Donnelly called out the other NIPs over this fact in a “where are your shovels?” campaign graphic.

When asked his opinion of the text messages and phone calls, Donnelly said he didn’t think partisanship should be injected into local elections.

“This is a nonpartisan race,” Donnelly said. “Party sides have absolutely no place within local government.”

“We all live together in a small community and we all have to come together.”

“Democratic Principles”

The text message also included a card for Frank Avino, claiming he is “a real Democrat, committed to Democratic principles”.

Are one of those “Democratic principles” cutting $600,000 from the Norridge police budget, as Daniel Tannhauser and Andy Ronstadt did in 2020?

With crime on the rise throughout Norridge, how’s that turning out?

Or a police “reform” bill that Avino’s political master, Robert Martwick, voted YES on, and is now awaiting the governor’s signature – a bill that will surely hurt law enforcement’s ability to enforce.

The November 2020 election saw full scale rejection of these “Democratic principles” in Norridge.

I already cast my vote early for Danny Donnelly.

I urge all Norridge registered voters to get out and vote in this primary election, to send Frank Avino, and his 38th ward “Democratic Principles”, back to Chicago.

Adam Chudzik, Norridge

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