Objections filed against independent trustees, referendum

Michael Straughn files objections against trustee candidates Chudzik, Mitera, and Kopinski, plus the term limits referendum

Straughn’s attorney, Scott Erdman, claimed improper binding of the petitions as a justification for the objection against trustee candidates Adam Chudzik, Anna Mitera,  and Andrew Kopinski, as well as the term limits referendum.

Straughn’s objections are being heard by the Norridge electoral board

Straughn also objected to the wording of the referendum, claiming it was confusing to voters.

Zoom meetings were held January 5th for the trustees and referendum by the Norridge Municipal Officers Electoral Board.

The electoral board for the trustee candidates consists of current appointed Village President Daniel Tannhauser, Village Trustee Jackie Gregorio, and Village Trustee Ursula Kucharski.

Village Clerk Debra Budnik recused herself as she is currently running for Village Trustee on the Norridge Improvement Party slate.

The electoral board for the referendum consists of members from outside Norridge. Outsiders were chosen due to a conflict of interest.

On January 8th, Frank Avila, attorney for the all three candidates, as well as the referendum proponents, filed a preliminary motion to dismiss both objections against the term limits petitions.

Avila’s motion cited recent court cases in which the binding requirement was relaxed.

Avila also provided evidence of a term limits referendum using identical text that was submitted to the ballot in another Cook County municipality, earning 84% YES votes of the 2,874 voters participating.

At an hearing January 12th via Zoom, testimony was heard from witnesses. As of this writing no recording of the meeting has been published.

A follow up hearing for the trustees objection is scheduled for Friday, January 15th, where the board members may issue their final decisions.

Chudzik, Mitera, and Kopinski submitted paperwork to run for trustee in April as independents with no party or slate affiliation.

If they survive the objections, they will appear on the April 6 ballot opposite the three Norridge Improvement Party trustees who win the Feb 23 primary election.

Michael Straughn is currently the Vice President of the District 234 school board, and a Village of Norridge zoning board member.

Straughn has sought re-election for the District 234 board, and is running unopposed in the April 2021 local election.

All members of the Norridge Municipal Officers Electoral Board are Norridge Improvement Party members.

Daniel Tannhauser is seeking election in April 2021 for the office of Norridge’s Village president, where he is being challenged by Tom Benigno.

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