Illinois Senate District 10 candidate talks taxes, law and order

Republican Anthony Beckman is challenging appointed Democrat Martwick in November

Anthony Beckman, a 17 year veteran of the Norridge Police department, has conquered cancer twice and won. And now he’s looking to take on a different kind of challenge – Illinois politics.

Beckman, a resident of Harwood Heights, is running for the Illinois 10th Senate district seat vacated by John Mulroe. The 10th district covers all of Norridge, Harwood Heights, and parts of Chicago.

Anthony Beckman is running for IL Senate District 10

The current occupant of the 10th Senate district seat is Robert Martwick, who was appointed to the position in 2019. Martwick was previously the elected Illinois House representative for the 19th district.

On an episode of the Max Rice Tonight podcast, Beckman laid out his positions and his priorities if voters send him to Springfield.


On tax policy, Beckman cites tax relief as his “first priority”, strongly opposing the progressive income tax championed by billionaire Illinois governor JB Pritzker, and placed on the November ballot by the Democratic majority.

“We’re looking at this progressive income tax. They want to make it sound so glamorous, but we all know by after year 1, everybody is going to be affected”, Beckman said.

He alluded to the fact that the progressive income tax brackets will eventually hurt those making middle-class and lower wages, not just the wealthy.

“Now they are moving all the way down to people who are making $30,000 or more. That’s going to affect all the workers in Illinois.”

Beckman proposes rolling back the current flat income tax to 3%.

“We’re at 4.9% right right now with a flat tax, I’d like to see it go back down to 3%”.

He said lower taxes, including business taxes, will mean “putting more money back into the economy”.

“That’s what grows your economy. Not by government swelling up and taking more money from us”.

Sanctuary state

Beckman opposes “sanctuary state” polices that prevent local law enforcement from cooperating with federal law enforcement to curb illegal immigration.

“Sanctuary states, they affect us economically, fiscally and socially”, Beckman said.

“They affect the minority communities the most. We have low-skilled, low wage [jobs] going to illegals, when they could go to legal citizens”.

Beckman cited local law enforcement’s inability to deport criminal aliens.

“They are getting locked up for crimes, and you can’t hold them, because of the sanctuary city and state policies”, Beckman added.

Free speech and protests

Beckman is a strong advocate of free speech, saying “too many conservatives are not having their voices heard”.

“I am totally in agreement for the first amendment on all sides of the aisle when it’s peaceful”, Beckman said.

Beckman took exception to the Antifa-led protests that have engulfed cities throughout he nation, saying they are “causing havoc” and “not protesting against the right things”.

“They’re protesting against America. They are actually protesting against what our Founding Fathers, and all those great people that fought in the Revolution, for our rights, for our freedom, they’re fighting against that”, Beckman said.

“They are fighting for their socialist beliefs, of more government, big government in our lives”.

Beckman does not believe rioting and looting should be protected speech.

“When you terrorize neighborhoods … you should not be heard”, Beckman added.

Term limits, pensions, gun rights

Beckman supports term limits for elected officials, and does not support pensions for elected officials, including himself.

“I get a pension from the police. I would not be taking a pension if I was a state Senator … [and] I would be fighting for term limits”, Beckman said.

Beckman is also in favor of ending double dipping of pensions, as well as pension spiking, a common practice among Norridge’s school districts.

“How long are we going to go before it all crumbles? We need to save pensions for everybody”, Beckman said, adding that he thinks pensions’ benefit amounts “should be capped”.

On the second amendment, Beckman vowed to fight “in every way” to protect gun rights in Illinois.

“That’s the rights that were implemented by our Founding Fathers. That’s the only way that we, as citizens, could protect ourselves against rogue governments.”

“If they declare martial law, how do you protect yourselves as citizens?”, Beckman asked. “You protect yourself by having [the] right to bear arms”.

However, Beckman agrees with firearm restrictions for criminals and those with mental instability.

“I agree totally [that] felons, and people who are mentally unstable, should not be allowed to carry guns, should not have a FOID card (Firearms Owner Identification Card), [and] should not have concealed carry”.

COVID-19 nursing home deaths

Beckman decried the high number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, and the actions of the nations’ governors which may have contributed to these fatalities.

“You see the antics of these rogue governors, and not putting strict measures in place in these nursing homes, to allow individuals that had COVID, to be placed back into nursing homes who didn’t have COVID”.

“It just shows the lack of care of human life.”

Beckman and Max Rice also discussed patients being turned away from empty facilities. “The Mccormick place in Chicago … [only] 29 people were held’.

“That’s like saying ‘let’s kill our older community for numbers purposes’, or for population decline … it’s sad, and people need to start speaking out about it.”


Beckman is an opponent of abortion, but acknowledges it as the law.

“I don’t lie to the voters. I am an extremely conservative, pro-life individual”.

“But I’m also a person that believes in the rule of law”, Beckman said.  “Roe vs Wade [was put into place] in 1974, it allows people to have abortion at 20 weeks. Do I accept it? No. But that is the law”.

“I agree with women’s rights wholeheartedly. I don’t agree with Planned Parenthood … the majority of people that are affected by abortions are minority communities”.

Running for office

Beckman encouraged other people to run for office, provided they do so for the “right reason”.

“If you actually have a passion, and you want get into politics for the right reason and not the wrong reasons of power status, money, elitist status”, Beckman said.

“Don’t worry about the backlash, because you are doing it for the right purpose”.

Beckman says the reason he has got involved is fighting for the interests of the working class.

“I want to go to Springfield for the right reason, and that’s fighting for working class people”, Beckman said.

“Democrats, Republicans, and independents… I want to fight for everybody”.

Beckman is running on the Republican “Law and Order” ticket, which includes IL House 19 candidate Jeff Muehlfelder, and Cook County state’s attorney candidate Pat O’Brien, who are opposing appointee Lindsey LaPointe and Kim Foxx, respectively.

Beckman has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.

The election will be held November 3. Early voting begins October 19 at the Norridge Village Hall.

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