Norridge government discriminating against Poles, resident says

“How long will we be discriminated against in this Village?”, Wally Biszczuk asks

At the September 23 2020 Village Board meeting, Wally Biszczuk, a long time voice in Norridge’s Polish community, called out the Norridge Improvement Party (NIP) administration’s contempt for the Village’s Polish residents.

Wally Biszczuk addresses the Village Board over discrimination against Poles

Biszczuk cited the case of a Polish immigrant who was arrested for replacing his own fence, despite having the necessary permit and approval to do so.

He asked why Village Building Commissioner Brian Gaseor claimed, in a police report, that someone else owned the fence, even though the homeowner had proof of ownership.

Gaseor is a member of the Norridge Improvement Party. He and his wife Katherine (also a Village employee) combined cost Village of Norridge taxpayers nearly $290,000 in compensation this fiscal year.

Biszczuk said Village employee Joanna Skupien (also a NIP member) even asked the victim to sign an election petition for the NIP, apparently ignorant of the incident that led to the man’s arrest.

Skupien earns nearly $160,000 in total compensation as the “Village Administrator”, a position created just for her in 2015.

Skupien was previously the Financial Director under former Norridge Village President James Chmura. The position of Financial Director was modified to drop a Norridge residency requirement, as Skupien does not live in Norridge.

Biszczuk singled out Skupien and Village trustee Jack Bielak, saying that, despite their last names, they do not represent the Polish community of Norridge.

“Last name is nothing. You are supposed to have a Polish heart”, Biszczuk said.

Bielak posted a rebuttal on his Facebook page, which he later deleted.

Village officials offered no response other than a “thank you for your comment” from appointed Village President Daniel Tannhauser.

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