Daily Archives: September 28, 2020

OPED:No More Gas Stations in Norridge

Utilize taxpayer funds to get the best ROI

The eye sore of Norridge is the work of the Norridge Improvement Party and they want to add another gas station at the corner of Harlem & Montrose across the street from the BP.

The 12-pump gas station on Irving Park Road

There are enough gas stations in Norridge to satisfy the needs of this population.

NIP lacks imagination and creativity to come up with the best plan for that corner piece of property that will serve the community and not serve the transient traffic that already plagues the crowded street on Harlem Avenue.

Instead of bribing corporations with incentives, form an investigation committee to determine what is the best use for that particular piece of property.

Spend some taxpayer money to research this area and determine what is the best type of businesses that should be attracted to that particular corner.

Village leadership just sits at these board meetings like robots and expect the constituents to agree with everything that they say without some documented evidence that a true investigation was done for the betterment of the Village of Norridge.

Say NO to any additional gas stations in the Village of Norridge.

We have enough gaming parlors and mini marts. The Village residents must demand documented proof that the use of Village property will get the greatest return on the investment and should be supported by statistical data from a research firm.

Bob Mrozek, Norridge