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Norridge mayor: call police on opposition circulators

Daniel Tannhauser, in robocall, suggests calling 911 for petition circulators

It’s official – the Norridge Improvement Party has finished circulating their petitions.

That’s according to a robocall sent by appointee-Village President Daniel Tannhauser on September 21, who claimed the NIP circulators collected “thousands” of signatures.

But in the declaration of their joyous event embeds another, more ominous message: “Be cautious when opening your door to strangers… if you are ever in doubt and feel unsafe, please lock your door, and call 911”.

Translation: don’t you dare sign opposition candidate petitions.

Sounds as though Daniel Tannhauser feels his election effort’s success is in doubt.

Different rules

Daniel Tannhauser doesn’t like opposition circulators

The Norridge Improvement Party, as an established party, was allowed to start collecting signatures in late August. Independent candidates had to wait until September 22 to circulate – a full month later.

The timing of the robocall, just hours before independents can circulate their petitions for office, was not a coincidence.

Sounds like voter intimidation to me.

It’s unclear whether or not the robocall was sent using the Village of Norridge’s resources, or that of the Norridge Improvement Party.

However, Tannhauser did identify himself as the “Village President” in the robocall, which implies the robocall to be an “official” Village alert.

The call came from the same number as a similar robocall in August, where Tannhauser announced the start of the NIP’s petition circulation drive.

A few weeks back, the NIP sent out a mailing telling us about how they were responsible for (try not to laugh) “safe streets, spectacular services, and the low taxes”.

If the Norridge Improvement Party does in fact have all this support, with thousands of people signing their petitions… why is it they need to resort to intimidation tactics?

We can’t forget less than four years ago when the NIP went out of their way to intimidate homeowners with opposition signs on their lawns.

I’m told Daniel Tannhauser and Debbie Budnik were among those asking the signs be taken down in 2017.

I’m also hearing Village “code inspectors” have been harassing opponents of Tannhauser.

These actions betray a new sense of desperation I have not seen in the past from the NIP and / or their Chicago 38th Ward and Democratic Organization backers.

It may be the result of voter feedback indicating the majority are looking for new leadership.

Regardless, I can tell you that we – that is, those of us running for office – aren’t exactly impressed with Tannhauser’s puerile attempts at intimidation.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I, too, am running as an independent candidate for the Norridge Village board, and am currently circulating Village Trustee petitions for myself and two other independent candidates.

Tom Benigno is also circulating petitions for his independent Village President run.

I think this sort of behavior from the current rulers shows just how much we need new leadership at 4000 N Olcott.

Adam Chudzik, Norridge