Norridge Improvement Party slate shows sharp turn to the left

NIP 2021 candidates have liberal Democrats leading the charge

The Norridge Improvement Party has been able portray itself as Republican or conservative for most of its existence, as a bulwark against a Chicago liberal Democratic takeover of Norridge government.

Longtime Norridge Village President Joe Sieb famously rejected attempts by Chicago’s Richard J Daley to annex Norridge into Chicago.

I am old enough to remember Joe Sieb. My grandparents, who moved here in 1965, loved Sieb and his determination to keep Norridge safe, with a low cost of living… and free of Chicago domination. Joe was the mayor for three generations of my family.

Democratic Organization’s Avino and Feller, with their already appointed candidate Tannhauser

Sieb started the “Norridge Improvement Party”, but today, it’s nothing like Joe Sieb’s party. Yet, the current leaders and members of that party have the audacity to claim themselves as “the legacy of Joe Sieb”.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Party itself has been taken over from the inside – by those very liberal Chicago-aligned Democrats they claimed to oppose. What happened?

In 2019, the first openly liberal Democrats Jack Bielak and Bill Larson landed on the Village board, after they had their opponents thrown off the ballot. I registered as a write-in candidate to give voters an independent, conservative option, much more in line with the views and values of Joe Sieb’s Norridge.

Larson and Bielak were supported by the liberal Robert Martwick. They were strongly supported by the Democratic Organization’s Chicago 38th Ward chapter, a liberal political action group.

They were in addition supported by the Norwood Park Democratic Organization, nominally headed by liberal Frank Avino, who is also the Norwood Park Township Democratic Committeeman.

Now for 2021, the Norridge Improvement Party has announced its candidates will include current Village President appointee Daniel Tannhauser at the top of the ticket, a liberal Democrat and strong Martwick supporter.

Tannhauser’s mansion was practically covered in Martwick signs during the 2020 Democratic Primary election against Danny O’Toole.

NPT Democratic Organization’s Frank Avino himself is running for Norridge village trustee.

From what I and others have observed, however, the reality is the Norwood Park Township chapter is all but run by Martwick and the 38th ward chapter’s president David Feller.

Madigan’s Democratic Organization is supporting the Norridge Improvement Party candidates

Avino looks and acts like a Martwick and Feller puppet. Martwick is closely aligned to Mike Madigan and tax-happy liberal Democrat IL governor JB Pritzker.

For those not aware: the Democratic Organization is Madigan’s political group. And Feller, by all accounts, is running the Norridge Improvement Party campaign.

That’s quite a transformation of the NIP in just two years, from a not-quite-conservative-but-not-quite-liberal party, to a Madigan/Marwick-aligned liberal political action group.

It will be interesting to see just how Tannhauser, Avino, and their political machines will attempt to convince less-informed voters with their “conservative” mask, in front of their liberal faces.

Will Norridge survive takeover by the left?

If Tannhauser and Avino are elected to the Village board in 2021, liberal Democrats will have complete control of the Village of Norridge government.

We’ll become a satellite of Chicago’s 38th ward in policy… if not name.

Will you be able afford to live in Norridge with a liberal left government firmly in place? Maybe it’s time to support some real conservatives for Norridge government.

Otherwise, if you think your taxes are high now, with crime on the rise, just wait until Martwick, through Tannhauser, Avino, and their liberal friends Bielak and Larson (already on the board), consolidate their takeover.

Adam Chudzik, Norridge


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