Robert Martwick-a Norridge disgrace we can’t afford

Martwick always votes YES for higher taxes and more state spending

Robert Martwick wants to be your state Senator. Your elected senator that is, since he’s already been appointed to the position without our consent, by people we didn’t elect.

Martwick has been nicknamed “Silver Spoon Rob” by some, but maybe we should call him Pinocchio Rob, instead.

Martwick is hoping you’ll grant legitimacy to his appointment by assenting – or better yet, not bothering to vote, making him win by default, on the back of his Chicago 38th Ward Democratic machine.

Martwick is closely aligned with the runaway tax-and-spend policies of his political patrons – IL Democratic governor JB Pritzker, and longtime House speaker Mike Madigan.

Like Madigan, Martwick is a property tax appeals attorney, working for his father’s firm Finkel, Martwick & Colson PC.

This arrangement has allowed Martwick to profit off of the state’s high property taxes – while he continually votes for policies causing those very taxes to rise.

He also works as a political “consultant”… where he “forgot” to report the income on his conflict of interest campaign finance disclosure.

He has been a strong supporter of the “fair” tax championed by the multi-billionaire Pritzker, that would change Illinois’ flat property tax into a “progressive” income tax.

Far from making this a “far” tax, it will drive more small businesses out of the state – precisely what we don’t need. (Small businesses are more often than not filed under an a individual’s tax return, which would rise under the tax increase amendment).

At a recent District 80 board meeting, Martwick made empty promises of more money for education, touting the “achievements” of the “evidence-based” funding model.

Sam Palazzo allowed Martwick to campaign at a D-80 board meeting

But the additional funding model saw very little actual additional money making it to District 80, or any other Norridge school. Pinocchio’s already long nose gets even longer.

Martwick’s District 80 comments sounded like a campaign speech… which is supposed to be “not” allowed at a school board meeting.

The decision to allow Martwick to use District 80’s meeting for politicking was not surprising to me, given how close District 80 board president Sam Palazzo is to Martwick and the Chicago 38th Ward.

Getting Palazzo to provide cover for campaigning at a board meeting seems desperate. No doubt Martwick wanted to convey that he’s actually good for something other than raising taxes.

Higher taxes – his crowning achievement

Robert Martwick hasn’t met a new tax he didn’t like. Not only did he vote YES for the “progressive” income tax, he also voted YES to raise the income tax for everyone, and even voted to override then-governor Rauner’s veto of the bill.

He voted YES on doubling the gasoline tax, where the bill’s sponsor, Martin Sandoval, is under indictment for bribery and income tax fraud.

He voted YES for new taxes including internet sales taxes, car trade in taxes, and huge taxes on cannabis products.

He even voted to create a new Norridge Village property tax during his time as Norridge Village Trustee.

He voted YES for more unfunded mandates on schools, mandates that require schools to do certain things or offer certain programs – without any state funding.

These unfunded requirements increase the already-overburdened school system, as well as taxpayers… at the same time Martwick claims he is “helping” education.

He further burdened statewide taxpayers by voting YES for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Born with a silver spoon

Robert Martwick has been coddled from birth by his father, Robert Martwick Sr, and his privileged upbringing makes him out of step with the daily struggles of the people he claims to represent.

I haven’t voted in a Democratic primary for as long as I can remember, but I plan to vote for Martwick’s Democratic opponent – Danny O’Toole, in the March 17th 2020 primary.

Danny O’Toole is a fiscal conservative – precisely what we do need right now, and lots of it.

Martwick continues to get away with his behavior because people – other elected officials, and especially voters – allow it.

I encourage all Norridge registered voters to head to the polls and support Martwick’s opponent – whether it’s Danny O’Toole in the Democratic Primary, or Republican Anthony Beckman in the General, if Martwick makes it to November.

Otherwise, you’ll continue to pay higher and higher taxes for less and less useful government… while “Silver Spoon Rob” Martwick laughs – at you – all the way to the bank.

I vote for those who most closely align with my views on taxes and government spending – the less of both of these the better.

The gap between Martwick and good, affordable government couldn’t be greater.

Robert Martwick is a Norridge disgrace… that we simply cannot afford.

Adam Chudzik, Norridge

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