Village to consider limiting number of gas stations

Village politicians have been under fire for approving 24 hour gas station

The Norridge zoning board will be taking up the question whether or not the Village should limit the number of gas stations.

At the February 26 2020 Village board meeting, trustee Jack Bielak raised the issue with the board.

“There have been some questions raised regarding the number of gas stations within our Village”, Bielak read from a prepared statement.

Bielak asked whether the zoning board should “review the number of gas stations within our Village”.

Appointee-trustee Andrew Ronstadt agreed, but three term trustee Donald Gelsomino did not.

“I really don’t see a need for it”, Gelsomino said. “Where else would they put up a gas station?”

“This is only a review”, responded Bielak.

The Joe Sieb Center has been torn down for the gas station

Bielak’s comments reflect the heavy criticism Norridge Improvement Party politicians have received after approving the gas station at Irving and Overhill/Ozark.

The gas station will be right next to a residential area and was approved over the vocal concerns expressed by local residents.

The Village sold the property to Exron LLC, who will put a 24-hour, 12-pump gas station with liquor and video gambling.

The Joe Sieb Center, which was on the property, has already been torn down.

Ronstadt and Bielak were zoning board members at the time, and both voted YES to recommend approval of the gas station at the zoning hearing.

Other highlights

Tom Benigno suggested the Estelle Sieb Center be renamed to the Joe and Eselle Sieb Center in order to “keep that name alive”.

Appointee-mayor Daniel Tannhauser indicated he would “take it under consideration”.

Recording of the February 26 2020 Village of Norridge Board Meeting (full video – 10 minutes)

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