Norridge to consider allowing marijuana sales

Village zoning board to hold hearing on cannabis sales permitted use locations

The Village of Norridge will consider allowing recreational and medical sales within the Village of Norridge.

The measure was approved at the December 11 2019 Village board meeting, and directs the zoning board to consider the matter and hold a public hearing.

Once a recommendation is made, the Norridge Village board will have the final say on the matter.

Other highlights

Former Trustee Dominic Sulimowski asked for a status update on Village properties, including the show property, Irving Park property and the “new police station” property next to Diving Savior.

He also asked if Johnson and Colmar was involved in the settlement discussion with Mark Lymperopulos.

(Johnson & Colmar is the Village of Norridge’s attorney firm. Johnson & Colmar is a campaign contributor to the Norridge Improvement Party.

Lymperopulos’s attorney, represented by Holman and Stefanowicz, was paid over $100,000 in the settlement. Lymperopulos’s attorney, Dennis Stefanowicz Jr, is the son of former NIP Village Trustee Dennis Stefanowicz).

Recording of the December 11 2019 Village of Norridge Board Meeting (full video – 14 minutes)

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