Village to hold 32% property tax hike hearing

Village board to hold hearing that will see municipal property tax levy rise another 32%

Notice at Village hall of 32% tax hike

The Village of Norridge has been on a tax spike frenzy the past two years, raising sales taxes and gasoline taxes in the past year.

On top of that, they borrowed $1.5 million to finance their purchase of the Divine Saviour property, and have begun to pay the interest on the loan.

And now, for the second time in two years, they are raising the property tax levy another 32%, on top of the 35% last year.

That’s nearly a 70% increase in just two years.

No referendums have appeared on the ballot asking voters to support or oppose the tax increases; the Village instead relied on its “Home Rule” authority to impose the taxes without voter approval.

The hearing on the latest property tax increase will take place Wednesday, November 13th 6:00PM at the Norridge Village Hall.

Patronage employment agency

Despite claiming the additional taxes are only going to fund the “police pension“, the Village of Norridge’s budget continues to be weighed heavily down by its massive patronage army.

Patronage employees are hired based on loyalty to the Norridge Improvement Party, rather than jobs that needed to be filled.

Such individuals exist to shake down Norridge residents for votes every two years, or for money via a smorgasbord of fees and penalties; most penalties, too doubled in 2018.

In addition, the Village continues to pay employees well beyond competitive wages, driving up their pensionable salary and therefore, increasing the cost of pension benefits.

With such levels of unnecessary spending, it is “unable” to make the police pension payments from general fund revenues, even in part.

In 2009, the Village of Norridge was putting over a half a million dollars from general revenues into the pension fund.

The general fund includes tax money such as Illinois income and sales tax sharing, replacement taxes, use taxes, home rule sales taxes, plus fees and penalties.

In 2019, the amount of money the Village budgeted from general revenues to pensions… was zero.

Relief coming from state mandates on pensions?

The State of Illinois has exacerbated the issue by requiring Villages to fully pre-fund these unsustainable pensions by the 2040s.

Illinois Democrats are currently looking at ways to consolidate local pension funds to achieve less overhead and higher returns.

Illinois Democratic governor Prizker floated an idea to string out the 2040 deadline to give pensions a chance to catch up, but backed off after resistance from other Democrats.

Regardless of what the state does… if history is any indication, the Village of Norridge under the Norridge Improvement Party will continue to blow taxpayer money on nonessential spending, while sticking it to property owners.

There were hopes interim mayor Daniel Tannhauser would take a different approach to the tax and spend policies of his predecessor, James Chmura.

However, Tannhauser, a Democrat backed by Robert Martwick and the Chicago 38th ward Democratic organization, has not given any indication he intends to take any meaningful action to rein in wasteful spending at the Village.

Perhaps it’s because he needs the taxpayer-funded NIP patronage army to go door to door propping up his regime against a rumored third challenge in 2021 by Tom Benigno.

So in other words… it’s business as usual… and we all get the “honor” of paying more… to bankroll the privileges of a select few.

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