Norridge politicians exploit “shop with a cop” for self promotion

Politicians use police-community non-profit charity event to puff themselves

Is it Shop with a Cop… or Shop with a NIP?

The concept of “shop with a cop” is a good one: an event that allows rank and file police officers and the community (especially children) to come together.

It helps to create a positive environment early that will help interaction with law enforcement later in life.

… and less of this

We need more like this…

It’s also a 501c3 non profit, as shown by its registration on the Illinois Secretary of state website.

Non profits are expressly prohibited from engaging in political activity, including political advertising.

Yet that didn’t stop Norridge politicians from perverting Shop with Cop it into a blatant display of self promotion.

Democratic politician Frank Avino, Norridge Improvement Party appointee-mayor Daniel Tannhauser, NIP appointee-trustee Andrew Ronstadt, NIP trustees Jack Bielak and Donald Gelsomino, as well as NIP members and Village patronage employees Joanna Skupien, Katherine Gaseor, and Melissa Poulos were among the not-cops seen photographing themselves at the event.

Is there any depths Norridge machine party politicians won’t stoop to in order to promote themselves?

“Shop with a cop” is great thing for the community. The Norridge PD shouldn’t allow politicians to leech off it, and lose its tax exempt status.

Let the cops, and the kids, shop together – without political interference.

Shame on the PD “leadership” of David Disselhorst and Wayne Schober for letting this happen.

We would say shame on politicians for exploiting it for their own purposes… but, as they have proven time and time again, the current crop of Norridge politicians have neither shame nor good ethics.

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