Fire trustee caught stealing medical supplies

Norwood Park fire department trustee Andrew Skyba was censured for taking medical supplies earmarked for flu shots

Skyba (right) and his buddy, fellow fire trustee Frank Avino, in August 2019

This coming Saturday, October 5th, free flu shots are being made available by the Norwood Park fire department for local residents.

During last year’s flu shots, there was some excitement as medical supplies mysteriously vanished from the firehouse.

Surveillance footage of Andrew Skyba

The mystery was solved once fire employees reviewed video surveillance. Camera footage revealed an individual dressed in a sports jacket, baseball cap, and dark glasses entering and leaving the building at the time the thefts occurred.

Looking closely at the identify of the thief however, produced the realization that the perpetrator was actually one of their own – longtime fire department trustee Andrew Skyba.

When confronted, Skyba admitted taking the supplies. Offered a choice to resign or the department would press charges against him, Skyba arrogantly refused to resign. Instead, he returned the supplies.

The Norwood Park fire board was unable to impeach him due to the dollar amount being under the threshold of a felony… or so they claim.

And although a police report was made, it appears Skyba was never actually charged with anything.

Ultimately, the only action the fire department made was censuring Skyba – hardly even a slap on the wrist. In other words, no meaningful consequences.

The cash value of a box of 100 band-aids is minuscule. But theft is theft. Why wasn’t Skyba charged with even a misdemeanor?

Every few weeks we see the police blotter showing criminals being arrested and charged with petty theft at stores throughout Norridge.

Who other than the always-protected political class can just go in, take something that wasn’t theirs, get caught, then “return” it – with NO criminal sanction whatsoever by the local PD?

Based on his political activity, Skyba seems to have ties to Democratic operatives… AND somebody who loves taking more and more taxpayer money every chance he gets: Illinois governor JB Pritzker.

Skyba has ties to… billionaire Governor JB Pritzker?

Voters should send the thief packing

Skyba has been trustee since 1989. If the fire board is unwilling or unable to remove Skyba, then voters should see to it that he is not re-elected to this or any other position. Forever.

A focused challenger shouldn’t have any trouble defeating the perpetrator of “bandaid-gate”.

If Skyba had any shame, he would have resigned, or at least not seek re-election when his term is up.

In the meantime… since Pritzker saved all that property tax money “de-toileting” one of his homes… maybe the governor can gift this poor man a box of bandages?


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