Excessive property damage in SWAT team raid, resident says

Renter of “Johnathan Reyes incident” home requests Village reimburse her over excessive property damage by police

Kathleen Smith says she is the renter of the home on the 4000 block of Oleander where the Johnathan Reyes incident took place.

Kathleen Smith: “please take responsibility for the destruction at my house”

Her son, who is a heart transplant patient and currently suffering from transplant rejection, was an acquaintance of Reyes, and allowed him in the house.

Smith said when she came home she cooperated with the police in order to get Reyes out of her house. “At this time we told them Mr Reyes was hiding in the basement”.

She said the officer who was in her house “took my son at gunpoint to the basement to look for the suspect”.

Had Reyes come out shooting, it would have been her son that got shot, Smith added.

More police officers arrived including a SWAT team, and at 4:30 PM, “SWAT decided to rip down my Ring doorbell [camera] and toss it on the ground.” The officer uttered “profanities” as he was ripping the camera doorbell to the ground, Smith said.

Police broke her bedroom and bathroom windows, even through she had provided the keys to her locked bedroom to the police.

Smith stated that while she “understood the magnitude of what happened”, she was in disbelief of the excessive force and destruction that was done to her residence.

“I plead to you, the Village of Norridge, to please take responsibility for the destruction at my house, and cover the expenses for my windows and doors that are boarded up, now leaving me feeling very unsafe”.

“I did nothing but comply with the police officers”, Smith said, visibly upset. “And I feel like I am now the victim”.

Interim Village President Tannhauser and “Village Administrator” Skupien responded, saying they would need to talk to their insurance company about this issue.

Other highlights

Daniel Tannhauser “officially” resigned his trustee position, and the Village board immediately voted to nominate Andrew Ronstadt of the village zoning board as Tannhauser’s replacement.

The Village did not inform the members of the public of the vacancy, nor did they accept any applications for the position. This contrasts with District 80, which opened up its vacancy to all applicants in 2017 after Adam McGready abandoned his board seat.

Ronstadt is a member of the Norridge Improvement Party.

The Village is now offering online payment of water bills… for a hefty $3 fee.

Recording of the September 25 2019 Village of Norridge Board Meeting (21 minutes)

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