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Village nixes Farragut multi-family home

5235 N Cumberland

Village Board votes to deny re-zoning of single family to multiple family of Farragut/Cumberland parcel

A proposal to turn the vacant property at the northwest corner of Farragut and Cumberland on the far northern part of the Village has been killed by the Village Board… at least for now.

The property owner’s designer made a last ditch attempt to “sell” the zoning change, by claiming that it will be used by the owner’s family. The proposal can be modified to a townhouse, rather than apartments or rentals, he said.

Residents had strongly objected to the change at the zoning board meeting, and previous Village board meeting,

This time, the Village Board sided with residents, voting to deny the zoning petition that sought to change it from R-1 single family to R-3 multi family.

This decision is rare as Village politicians often side with developers over the objections of local residents. Earlier this year, Village politicians under the then-James Chmura regime, approved a gas station in the 4000 Ozark and Overhill neighborhoods, despite local opposition.

Recording of the August 28 2019 Village of Norridge Board Meeting (full video – 24 minutes)