Village pulls vote on multi-tenant home zoning change denial

Many residents of Farragut Ave spoke out against the zoning petition

Board tables vote to deny zoning change of single family home to multi tenant unit on Farragut & Cumberland

The Norridge Zoning Board held a hearing on a zoning petition July 1st by an owner of property at Cumberland and Farragut Avenues, on the far northern part of Norridge’s boundaries.

The petition would change the zoning classification of the 5235 Cumberland property from a single family home (R-1) to a multi family (R-3) unit.

Many Farragut residents came out to oppose the petition, citing several concerns including sewer issues, parking and traffic.

Historically, the Village Zoning Board has shown itself to be a been a rubber-stamp farce, packed with patronage job political hacks, who never hesitate to throw local residents under the bus to support the political leadership’s diktats… no matter the cost to the locals.

This time, however, the Zoning Board actually stood by local residents, voting to recommend the Village Board deny the R-3 zoning change.

The decision, however was not upheld by the Village Board. At the July 24th Village board meeting, the board chickened out, not supporting or opposing the petition, instead tabling the vote until a future meeting.

The board members who could be bothered to show up, that is. Interim mayor Daniel Tannhauser failed to attend the meeting. Also missing was trustee Donald Gelsomino.

The remaining trustees voted in 85-year old trustee Ursula Kucharski an temporary President Pro Tem. Kucharski seemed out of her element as she painfully stumbled through the meeting agenda.

The delayed vote seems an attempt to find some reason to approve the zoning change over both the zoning board’s, and local residents’ objections.

No doubt they’ll find a way to ram this multi-unit monstrosity down the throats of the good residents of Farragut… just as they did the gas station a few months earlier.

Recording of the July 24 2019 Village of Norridge Board Meeting (full video – 25 minutes)

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