Only three sign up for D-80 candidate forum

District 80 candidate forum

4 of the 7 candidates refuse to attend D-80 PTA/PTO forum

The Leigh PTA and Giles PTO will be hosting a District 80 board of education candidate forum 6:30PM March 20 at Leigh School.

The candidates who have registered their intent to attend are Frank Tribuzio, Frank Stoffel and Mike Bellafiore.

Missing are the candidates making the most “noise” around town right now: Sam Palazzo, Renzo Berardi, Molly Dec and Lou Mezzano.

The four have only been attending their own events including a fundraiser in February, a decision which smacks of partisan politics and outside influence.

Appointee-candidate Frank Stoffel opened partisan hostilities when he accused the then-five candidates of being a Norridge Improvement Party puppet slate… an accusation the four remaining candidates have done little to dispel.

Do Palazzo, Berardi, Dec and Mezzano feel they are too good to attend the non-partisan candidate event on the 20th?

The PTO/PTA forum will go a long way to erasing the outside partisan nonsense that has infected the District 80 board race.

It will also allow the four candidates to make their case to the public about many of the good ideas they have only recently started publishing on their candidate Facebook page.

But if these four candidates aren’t willing to show up to a local candidate forum, as readily as they hang out with Chicago political operatives… then we have to ask: are these four too good to be the right people for District 80?

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