District 80 Superintendent leaving for “greener” pastures

Paul O’Malley has tendered his resignation from District 80

Departing Paul O’Malley to get nearly $50,000 bump in base salary; ad-hoc committee formed to look for new superintendent

Superintendent Paul O’Malley is leaving District 80 for greener pastures… the kind of green that goes in your wallet, that is.

O’Malley’s new contract shows his $171,000 base salary increasing to $220,000, further rising to nearly $240,000 when you include District 53 paying his portion of the Teacher’s Retirement System contribution.

O’Malley’s is replacing a retiring Superintendent who gave her notice in September of last year. O’Malley, however, has only given District 80 a few months to find a replacement.

Rumors are swirling that current District 80 Assistant Superintendent Stephanie Palmer may be offered the Superintendent position at District 80.

The District appointed an ad-hoc committee consisting of current board members Tim Ludston and Pasquale Biondo plus candidate Sam Palazzo that will head the initial search for a new Superintendent.

Outgoing Board President Srbo Radisavljevic recommended the District think about sharing a superintendent with other school districts such as Ridgewood, Union Ridge, Pennoyer, or Schiller Park District 81.

Last year, a bill to allow Superintendent sharing died in the Illinois Senate.

A parent, Nicole Rusak, asked the board to look into some greater challenges for “overachieving” students, by providing an accelerated program; these statements were also echoed by Fiona Tanny.

Tanny asked the board to take seriously her petition, signed by hundreds of people including the D-80 teacher’s union, that has urged the board not to hire a new superintendent until after the election.

Recording of the February 19 2019 D-80 Board Meeting (until closed session, 32 minutes)

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