Local residents criticize Village church property purchase

Church property purchase agreement signed; Village warns of coming increase in nighttime jet noise

The Village moved forward on a 3-1 vote to formally purchase the Divine Savior property for nearly $1.5 million. Two trustees were absent.

Local resident Mary Willard expressed dismay about the lack of transparency or discussion about the property purchase.

Willard asked Chmura “I want to know what you are going to put there”.

So do we, Mary. But we’re not going to get many answers out of a mayor who is not in the least bit interested in transparency.

Trustee Daniel Tannhauser stated that there would be public meetings held in his committee for the build out.

Willard however, brought up the fact that there were no public meetings held to purchase the property. Tannhauser agreed. She doubted any of their concerns would be heard.

Chmura answered: “We’ll listen. We always listen”.

James Chmura listens… to his campaign contributors and supporters. Everybody else? Not so much.

Chmura argued it was a low risk investment for the Village to purchase this piece of property, as they could turn around and sell it for twice the selling price.

In theory he’s correct, but that strategy so far is not working out for the show property they’re trying to sell.

Chmura went on to say that he forsaw the “need” for a senior center and preschool that he wanted to see built on this property.

The Village already has a senior center – the Sieb center. A preschool? Norridge already has one of those too. Who’s going to pay for a new one?

Chmura again reiterated that he will listen: “You’ll have your say so. I guarantee it.” Chmura said.

Sounds like a whole bunch of of pretexts are coming for more tax increases, folks. But at least Chmura will “listen” to you before he brings the gavel down on your wallet.

The Chicago Tribune wrote an article about this portion of the Village meeting.

Other highlights

O’Hare will be changing the nighttime flight rotation due to construction taking place at the airport, and we should expect more noise as a result.

Village Engineer Brian Gaseor stated the FAA requires the airport to conduct an environmental impact study and the Village has received a copy of the executive summary report of it.

“I am interpreting [the FAA report showing] the Village may get some more noise over here”, Gaseor said.

The FAA will have four public hearings starting in February. “It will explain the new nightime [runway] rotation and how it will affect the environment, noise, and air pollution”, said Gaseor.

Chmura encouraged residents to attend these meetings to object to the new configuration. “It’s important that you go [to the meetings] … after the meetings, and the planes are coming over your roof, it’s too late. They’ve got to hear your voice”, Chmura said.

“Brian and I go to a lot of the meetings, we bitch, we argue… we don’t get anywhere”.

“We agreed to share the noise [with other communities] … now with what they’re doing to us, we’re going to get more of it, we think”.

Chmura added: “My point is, speak [at the meetings]… if you don’t speak, I don’t want to hear it later”.

Recording of the January 23 2019 Village of Norridge Board Meeting (full video – 32 minutes)

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