Mezzano, Dec re-emerge as write-in District 80 candidates

Having been thrown off the ballot due to flaws in their petition papers, Molly Dec and Lou Mezzano announce a write-in campaign for District 80 school board

Apologizing for the issues which caused their petitions to be thrown out, a statement on their campaign page read, “Molly Dec and I will not be deterred and will continue our efforts to be your voice at Norridge District 80″.

Candidate Sam Palazzo was not challenged and remains on the ballot for a 4 year term. Kevin Moore withdrew according to withdrawal paperwork posted by Norridge News.

Palazzo, Dec and Mezzano face opponents Frank Tribuzio and Mike Bellafiore who are on the ballot.

For the 2-year unexpired term, Renzo Berardi faces incumbent Frank Stoffel, who despite pulling his Facebook pages down, has not withdrawn as of this writing according to the Cook County candidate filing page.

With four seats open for 4-year terms, because of the removal/withdrawal of the three candidates, at least one of the write-ins will win by default.

Other candidates have expressed interest as write-ins, and the deadline to submit a Declaration of Intent to be a Write-in form is tomorrow, January 31st by 5PM.

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