D-80 board member’s bigoted views resurface after tirade against rivals

Frank Stoffel’s prejudicial comments comes back to haunt him after his drive-by attack on rivals

Frank Stoffel has revealed his prejudicial views on social media

Last weekend, current District 80 board of education member Frank Stoffel (and now candidate) unleashed an attack on the five members opposing him and fellow board member Michael Bellafiore.

In the post, Stoffel accused Mayor James Chmura and his Norridge Improvement Party of funding and aiding candidates Lou Mezzano, Sam Palazzo, Molly Dec, Renzo Berardi, and Kevin Moore.

Stoffel further stated that it was an attempted takeover of the board by Chmura to “gain control over more jobs and contracts” for repairs required at District 80’s two buildings.

Of course Stoffel didn’t provide any evidence to support his rant. Not surprising.

The authors of this blog are vocal Chmura and Norridge Improvement Party critics. But that does not make us partisan or loyal to another political party. Our only loyalty, now and the future, is to the truth.

Of “the Five” running for District 80’s school board, the only one with Norridge Improvement Party ties is Molly Dec.

However, school boards are nonpartisan, and she is not running as NIP, or any other party. It certainly isn’t in of itself a legitimate reason to oppose Dec’s candidacy.

Maybe Stoffel was trying to link the two from a photo Lou Mezzano posted that day, after he modified the drinking fountains at District 80 for America for Disabilities Act compliance.

It seems a puerile attempt by Stoffel to inject politics into a board of education. It’s also a tactic repeatedly employed by Board President Srbo Radisavljevic – perhaps not coincidentally.

But then again, if you have no real support in the community, and are only being backed by the status quo, dismal failure elements of the board, then you may have to fabricate a scenario that makes you look like a player.

Nothing screams desperation more than this long winded rant.

Stoffel’s prejudicial views

Unfortunately for Stoffel though, some of his past controversial comments on social media have made a timely reappearance.

They seem to reflect his deeply held prejudicial views, which we’re calling Frank “Big-IT” Stoffel’s Greatest Hits.

Frank Stoffel was appointed by the Radisavljevic-led board in December 2017 to replace Adam McGready.

In a short time however, Stoffel has made his prejudicial views on several subjects known on social media. Here’s but a few.

On one occasion, he got into a long winded conversation with a local teacher, calling him a “liberal cunt who lives in a bubble” and telling the same teacher “if everything could be learned from YouTube we wouldn’t need to hire losers like you to teach”.

On another occasion, he accused a gay teacher of “pushing a personal or political agenda on our youth”.

Stoffel suggested seniors were responsible for the condition of the school buildings.

During a conversation about Village water rates, he said those unhappy with water rates should “collect rain water, pump from the well in the Schiller Woods, and use an outhouse”.

A subsequent query to Frank Stoffel’s employer, the Schiller Park Police Department, claimed no discipline was imposed against Stoffel for these comments. However, if he received a verbal reprimand, it may not be an official record.

We do not presume to think we can understand what police officers have to deal with on a daily basis. There is no doubt they take more abuse, both physical and verbal, every day than any of us.

But in no way does this give Mr Stoffel cart blanche to treat folks with such disrespect.

Better choices

This appointee wants us to elect him in his own right to the school board? Could any of us meet his exacting “standards”?

Frank Stoffel does not impress as a board member. His record is pretty typical for District 80, rubber stamping the major decisions without any real dissent.

And based on his disturbing and ridiculous comments on social media, Stoffel does not have the temperament to be a District 80 board member. There are certainly better choices than him.

It will be interesting to see what further insights this foul-mouthed buffoon comes up with to justify his continued presence on the District 80 board. We’ll certainly be watching.

Frank Stoffel may have thought his drive-by attack on the five was a smart move to try and hurt his opponents early.

But Stoffel may want to pause for a moment and check his fire, because ricochets can be a problem, and may just come back to hurt him, instead.



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