Pennoyer board member: “ends justify the means” when cutting sports

Board member LaPalermo says “ends justify the means” as he votes to cut sports; majority ultimately votes to retain sports program

LaPalermo: “We’ll take your yes vote now”

District 79 board members debated fees to keep the conference sports program. The fees would either cover the full cost of the program ($48,000), or a subsidized cost.

However, board members could not come to an agreement on fees, and voted to keep the program for now, indicating they will revisit the issue in the future.

One board member, Philip LaPalermo, stated “the ends justifies the means” when he cast the sole vote to cut the sports program.

Just what did LaPalermo mean by that comment?

LaPalermo is no stranger to questionable and controversial statements. During the property tax increase campaign, LaPalermo was notable for his arrogant comments on social media.

His opening volley of how “we’ll take your yes vote now” showed what was to come, LaPalermo speaking as if the voters didn’t have a choice in the election.

Another moment came when he denied the Supporters of SD79 PAC was mainly employees. Unfortunately for LaPalermo, this fact was well documented.

A few days before the election, LaPalermo told the community how the $1,000-$1,500+ tax increase was “plenty affordable”.

LaPalermo must be very well off to describe a huge tax increase as “plenty affordable”. Kudos to him if he is so successful in life. But affordability is relative, and clearly “plenty affordable” was not the term voters used to describe the tax increase when they voted it down.


Outlandish water fountain costs

One of the most extravagant claims of the evening was the replacement of a single water fountain will cost $20,000 per fountain, a claim that has been echoed on social media by Supporters of SD79 PAC members in lockstep.

By comparison, a check on mid range, stainless steel water fountain prices shows costs in the $1,500 and lower range for a comparable new unit; an estimate throwing in reasonable labor costs, and replacing a good portion of the pipes might get you to a high end of $5,000.

Another comparison is District 80’s $14,000-ish total parts and labor cost to replace several water fountains. In that scenario, volunteers did some of the installs for free, and did not replace plumbing.

We have to seriously question twenty Gs for a single water fountain replacement.

Video of the April 11 2018 D-79 Board Meeting (partial, action items only – 35 minutes)

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