Daily Archives: April 13, 2018

Norridge-Harwood Heights schools to receive increases in state funding aid

Norridge and Harwood Heights school districts to each receive increases in state funding for education under the “evidence based” formula

According to the Illinois State Board of Education website, Norridge and Harwood Heights schools will receive more money under the new formula.

District 80 (Giles/Leigh) will be receiving an additional $29,781 under the “evidence based” formula, In addition they will be getting $15,271 in a Supplemental English Learner grant.

Disitrt 79 (Pennoyer) is to receive an additional $10,920 and a Supplemental English Learner grant of $3,738.

District 86 (Union Ridge) will receive an additional $26,359 and Supplemental English Learner of $19,720.

District 234 (Ridgewood) will receive an additional $1,435.

District 207 (Maine Township HS) will receive an additional $10,578.