Pennoyer teacher’s union going door to door pushing for tax increase

Pennoyer’s employees including its administrative leadership and the teacher’s union are out in Pennoyer’s neighborhoods trying to drum up support for the $25 million tax increase

The political action committee “Supporters of SD79”, is out prowling the neighborhood.

As we have previously reported, the vast majority of this group’s members… are teachers at Pennoyer itself. Now they’re out there proving it for all to see.

Yes, you heard right… the very same employees who just got 4.5% raises this year, slated to get 3% raises next year, and will receive 6% raises each of the last 3 years before retirement, are going door to door seeking support for the property tax increase.

The group’s de facto ringleader is no other than District 79 Superintendent Kristin Kopta. Other leaders include the Pennoyer school principal Gina Sierra, Secretary Jill Rzadzki, and Sarah Adkins, the president of the teacher’s union, the Pennoyer Education Association, and who is also a teacher at the school.

This unholy alliance between the union and the school’s leadership is never good for taxpayers.

And it begs the question: IF you had the support of the community, why do you need so many EMPLOYEES out pushing hard for it?

Employees of the public body actively campaigning for the YES vote is a clear conflict of interest.

A flyer sent by the Supporters of SD79 said just to “vote yes”, making no mention of the $1,000 to $1,500+ increase in property taxes which would result.

So the next time somebody calls you or comes to your door peddling a District 79 tax increase, ask them this question: what classes do you teach at Pennoyer?

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