Parents criticize D-80 LASEC withdrawal; teacher union lashes out at Board

D-80 teachers union says it’s not to blame for the District’s financial crisis, parents object to District 80’s handling of special education cooperative withdrawal

Parents took issue with the District withdrawing from the LASEC special education cooperative, saying that holding a hearing this late in the process was pointless, and showed just how little the District took parents concerns.

(District 80 has never embraced transparency as a culture, which unfortunately is still the case. Nor do they seem too interested in any opinions other than their own).

In a long statement read by union members, the District 80 teacher’s union blasted the board for making it a scapegoat of the District’s financial woes. The union claims that, during the negotiation process, the Board assured them they had the money to pay the yearly raises over the five year contract.

Gus Rapatas called for school district consolidation in the area. (We agree wholeheartedly – having four school districts for five schools is very wasteful of taxpayer dollars).

Athena Kalaras, a school teacher in another district, did not understand why Spanish was being prioritized over social studies, and would prefer that social studies not be cut.

(We agree with Athena; the board could have cut Spanish and used the money to save band or at least reduce the fee, but the Board seems intent to make the cuts as painful as possible for teachers and students… seems like an attempt to generate sympathy for another tax increase attempt in November 2018 or April 2o19.)

Video of the February 20 2018 D-80 Board Meeting (before recess – 1 hour 12 minutes)

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