District 80: McGready abandons District 80 seat, board will appoint replacement

Newly elected board member Adam McGready failed to show for his oath of office May 1, prompting the Board to appoint his replacement within 45 days

Tim Ludston and Pasquale Biondo take the oath of office from Sarah Buslik

Tim Ludston and Pasquale Biondo take the oath of office May 1 2017

McGready was recently hired an Auxiliary Norridge police officer. We consider this a conflict, and if he has recognized the conflict and will not serve on the District 80 board for this reason, then we can respect his decision.

But McGready has publicly gone “radio silent” as to why he didn’t show up on May 1. He has taken down his “AdamMcGreadyPolitics” Facebook page. The fact that he has not made any statements as to why he refused to serve is not only disrespectful to the community, it disrespects the 1,500+ people who voted for him.

We fail to see how such a person can meet the high standards of the Village of Norridge Police Department.

McGready and his political party, the Norridge Improvement Party, campaigned for a District 80 seat, winning it with the highest number of votes – and now their candidate disappears.

He has abandoned his elected office, and his cowardly conduct should earn him only one thing: our contempt.

Video of the May 1 2017 D-80 Reorganization Meeting (until closed session) (full video – 31 minutes)

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