Aug 26 2015 Norridge Village Board meetings (VIDEO)

Recording of the Village of Norridge Village Board Committee and Regular Board meetings on Aug 26 2015.
Documents – Agenda and Board Packet
Author’s comments:

Without explanation, the Village has cancelled the second October meeting.
(Earlier this year they cancelled the second January, February and March meetings, too. Of course, nobody at the Village took a pay cut. Less work for same (or more) pay, the Norridge Improvement Party way…)

Cook County has tightened rules regarding clean/rainwater discharge into septic sewers. The Village will need to clamp down on any rainwater going into the regular sewers via the inspection process of homes being sold or remodeled. The Village has had a problem with excessive water during rain use causing sewer backup since the 1980s, during Joe Sieb’s days. All rainwater should empty into people’s yards.
(All of you dumping your sump pump discharge into the sewers better take notice. Your rights end when you cause flooding of other people’s basements, so this is a rule that seems reasonable).

The owner of the gas station at Foster & Cumberland (Citgo) wants to sign an agreement with the Village to clean up the property from a leaking storage tank. Although the tank is no longer there, it was leaking at some point, and the property is next to a Norridge water pumping station.

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