Mar 11 Norridge Village Board meetings (VIDEO)

Recording of the Village of Norridge Village Board Committee and Regular Board meetings on March 11th, 2015.
Documents – Agenda and Board Packet
Author’s comments:

Village Administrator position

There was extended discussion about the ordinance to eliminate the Financial Director and Assistant to the President positions, create a new Village Administrator position, and reduce the salary of the Village President. Trustees Sulimowski and Tannhauser raised concerns about the duties of the Village Administrator, its salary, and who would become Acting Administrator in the event of a vacancy – Tannhauser suggested the Village Board assume that role. Sulimowski wanted more time to review the ordinance establishing the position.

Sulimowski and Tannhauser made a motion to table the vote until next meeting. The vote became a tie, and President Chmura had to cast the tie breaking vote (in favor). A second vote was then held to approve the position, with all but Sulimowski voting yes.

The Village President’s salary will be reduced from $60,000 to $50,000, but the salary of the Village Administrator was not publicly discussed.

(Normally Chmura puts an Agenda together and they all vote yes without discussion, but the Village Administrator vote brought a display of discussion and even opposition, never before seen. It was unprecedented!
Kudos to the Norridge Trustees, you did great not letting Chmura ram this through without discussion. Assert your independence. Question this mayor when he wants to spend more of the people’s money. You don’t have to be a rubber stamp for a dictator).

Parking on Crescent Ave

Two 4800 Crescent residents reported parking issues on their block, with both the residents and the Village agreeing the road is too narrow for parking on both sides of the street. The road was recently changed to no parking during December until March, due to issues with access for emergency vehicles in the winter months. One of the residents suggested changing it to resident or permit parking on only one side of the street.

Cullom near the HIP mall issues

A 7200 Cullom resident reported continued issues with speeding near the mall, despite the speed radar being there. He said he was almost hit by a car driving down Cullom. He also reported a reduction in parking violators, and praised the new street lighting,

Chmura responded that there was little no speeding according to the speed radar on Cullom. The Village installed halogen light bulbs in the street lights, which provides greater illumination. The Norridge PD may place another mobile radar unit on Cullom to further combat speeding.

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