New Norridge police station-do we need it?

New Norridge police station?

Mayor James Chmura has indicated the Village will be looking into a new police station in 2015.

The police station is old and has required a large number of unexpected, expensive repairs, he claimed.

The most recent incident, Chmura said, cost the Village over $10,000 when a sewer containing asbestos backed up into a public restroom.

The Village has for years discussed building a new political mansion on Montrose near Oketo in order to move both the Village Hall and Police there. A copy of these plans was released in 2012 as a part of the Comprehensive Long Term Development Plan.

This plan would see a “downtown Norridge” shopping center along a relocated Montrose Avenue (where it would align instead of “jogging” over) to the east side of Norridge.

Cost of a new police station

Moving the Village Hall and police station would no doubt be expensive – not only would there be the cost to build the building, but the Village would have to pay fair market value to the business property owners on Montrose.

It’s likely the old properties would be sold in this scenario, but it’s not likely the price will cover the entire move.

Then there is the cost to the neighborhood, more noise, more traffic, etc (though, something the Village has shown it doesn’t care much about).

Chmura has not yet indicated how he will fund what would likely be a multi-million dollar project, either by higher property taxes, grants, or borrowing money.

Perhaps he should instead dial back some of the lavish employee perks, benefits and $100,000-plus salaries, before deciding to sock us with a big tax bill?



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