Property tax doubling, IL school funding bill fails – for now

Property tax increases for successful school districts

All property owners should keep an eye on bills like 2014 Illinois Senate Bill 16, a bill that would redistribute school funding in a communist-style, punish-the-successful fashion.

The bill, which actually passed the IL Senate in May, and was debated in the IL House, would take money from successful schools and “redistribute” them to less successful schools.

Redistribution… where have we heard that before? Hmmm…

This bill, if it had passed the House and signed by the governor, would have resulted in MASSIVE property tax increases to keep schools at their current level. Do you want to pay DOUBLE what you’re paying now in property taxes?

IL politicians will try again in 2015

Keep an eye on this to resurface in 2015 – a new “school funding” bill has already been filed in the IL Senate. Tax happy Illinois politicians seemed determined to not face the state’s huge budget crisis, OR take responsibility for promising benefits they couldn’t deliver.

Contact your IL House of Representatives Michael McAuliffe and Robert Martwick to OPPOSE SB16 or any other bill like it.

Also contact your IL Senator, John Mulroe, who refused to vote on SB16.

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