Norridge news briefs – Jan 10

Village lowers garage sale fees

Garage sale fees have been reduced to $10 for the first and second garage sales in a single calendar year.

giles one way

One way streets near Giles school

Village of Norridge slaps tax on storage units

The Village Board slapped a 5% tax on storage units within the Village.

No doubt in response to The Lock Up Self Storage Unit going in on Montrose.

No parking on Crescent Ave during the winter months

Parts of Crescent Avenue have been designated no parking during the months of December through March.

Giles school side streets one way during certain school hours

Between the hours of 7:45AM to 9AM and 2:15PM to 4PM, the local streets around Giles school are now one way.

(Amazing how quickly the school got one ways, when the people of Octavia and Cullom have been requesting them for years. Hmmm…)

Olcott Avenue residents seek parking restrictions

The residents of the 4100 block of Olcott Ave say Chicago vehicles are parking overnight on the streets. The police cannot cite them as there are no restrictions on 4100 Olcott.

Residents submitted a petition for parking restrictions during certain hours.

Norridge Police to enforce traffic and parking laws on private property

The Norridge Police will be able to enforce traffic and parking laws on private property (parking lots), after a new ordinance was passed.

(No doubt so the Norridge PD can police the HIP’s parking lot on taxpayer dime).

Developer looks to make Village lot into fast food joint

A developer has approached the Village of Norridge about redeveloping the Village-owned municipal parking lot at Oketo and Irving Park Road as a fast food joint.

The proposal, by Chicago developer JSB Acquisitions LLC, would contain 32 parking spaces, and a fast food window adjacent to the alley.

In 2014, the Village made zoning changes to support this new development.

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